(EvenBetter)NumberPad Keyboard 5.0.6

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Best old style T9 flavored keypad on the Android Market!

This is the EvenBetter, NumberPad Keyboard! No other keyboard comes close to it in giving you the best T9 experience on an android keyboard.


"Best T9 keyboard, hands down! I've tried them all. Creator does a nice job fixing glitches and making upgrades. Great program. Keep it up!"

"Frickin genius! This is so much quicker and more enjoyable than poncing around on a tiny little qwerty keyboard! 5 stars my man. Very happy :-)"

"Love it! :)"

"Dev emailed me right away and help fix purchasing issue i had. All is well. Great support."

"Amazing. So much better than the android qwerty onscreen keyboard, and i love how you can add words easily. The big keys are helpful too."

"By far my best app purchase yet. Have not had one issue. Droid x 2.2 rooted"

It's the best T9 style input and keyboard for Android! Also great for popular messaging apps such as Handcent and ChompSMS, and gives the old style phone pad experience on the phone's keyboard, as well as the ability to use the normal keyboard.

Prediction languages supported are English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, German and French.

Key Features of Keyboard:
Add word button in abc mode
Tap (abc) and predict (T9) modes
Learns word prediction order while typing
Next button in predict mode
Full keyboard in landscape
Supports Better Keyboard Style Skins!

Some keyboard usage tips:
1.) '1' key is for the apostrophe in words (so in predict/T9 mode, the word don't is spelled 3-6-6-1-8)
2.) The 'next' button (button 0) in predict mode becomes the 'Add word' button in abc mode, for easily adding new words to the dictionary.
3.) It learns your word prediction order as you type, so if the suggestions aren't right at first, it should improve as you type.
4.) If a word is not being suggested first, try typing it a few times in a row (without picking the wrong suggestion each time :-) ).

If you have any trouble, please email. I'm excited to help! I can't reply to comments down below, so if you have a problem, you really, *really* should email me.

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